Telerenta expands operations in Poland, with investments of €1.5 million

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The Romanian tech startup, Telerenta, which operates the only electronic equipment rental platform in Southeastern Europe for both individual users and, since the end of last year, companies, announces the expansion of its operations in Poland. This strategic move confirms the success achieved in the Romanian market and underscores the company's ambition to become a major player at the European level.

Poland was chosen due to its market size and high internet penetration, as well as the significant potential for industry development. Although the Polish market already has several active players, Telerenta considers this challenge essential for the maturation and diversification of its product.

The company estimates 30% better results in Poland compared to Romania, considering the market size, which will help validate the project internationally and prepare for expansion into other EU countries, such as Spain, in the near future.

“We expect Poland to be the test that confirms our project is internationally validated, thus demonstrating that we can be successful outside of Romania. This market, known for its development potential, will allow us to invest significantly and consolidate our position. In the first year of activity in the Polish market, we aim to emphasize fast delivery, ensuring a 24-hour delivery rate of approximately 98%. The Polish market is much more mature, with pre-existing integrations and high levels of automation, making implementation much easier and faster,” says Ionuț Farcaș, Global Expansion Director at Telerenta.

The expansion in Poland involves investments of €1.5 million by the end of the year and required a preparation process of approximately 6 months before the actual launch.

For operations in Poland, Telerenta has formed a mixed team of local specialists in eCommerce, fulfillment, and online marketing, supported by the Romanian team for technical support and software development.

For the Polish market, the company aims to bring innovative solutions for customers, including products not yet available in Romania, such as smartwatches. Telerenta will have a range of products adapted to the local market and will offer flexible contracts of up to 24 months.

“In Poland, we will also offer for rent products that are not yet available in Romania, such as smartwatches, for example. We will have at least as wide a range as in Romania, but we will also focus on locally successful products, offering solutions adapted to the local market,” adds Ionuț Farcaș.

The company's strategy in Poland will include a mixed approach, B2C and B2B, from the start.

Additionally, Telerenta plans to build a network of RentBoxes (specialized vending machines that allow users to rent and immediately pick up electronic equipment), with the first device to be installed by the end of this year.

The expansion in Poland represents a major step in Telerenta's development, strengthening the company's position in the international market and validating, at the same time, the business model developed in Romania.

Telerenta, part of the American investment group NCH (New Century Holdings), allows individual users and companies to rent electronic equipment for a period ranging from 3 to 24 months. Customers thus have permanent access to high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment that can be used according to their needs.

The rental process is flexible, allowing users to easily choose from the products listed on the platform and replace them with others with superior specifications at any time during the contract. At the end of the rental period, they can extend the contract or return the rented products.

Telerenta is an alternative solution to the purchase of electronic equipment with full upfront payment or in installments and is addressed to all those interested in technology, but who do not want or cannot afford to make a purchase, and those interested in continuously testing and using the latest electronic equipment.